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“… and I always think about the infinite possibilities of art: give someone a twenty by twenty square and – though over the centuries people have delighted themselves coming up with endless different designs – there's always room for one more, for your design…there will never be a final design…”

Gio Ponti

The colors of the sky and the sea in the thirty-three blue and white decorations that Gio Ponti realized between 1960 and 1962 to cover, with different combinations, the floor of the lobby and of the hundred rooms at the Hotel Parco dei Principi in Sorrento, the first design hotel in the world. This is "Blu Ponti" of Ceramica Francesco De Maio: tiles in 20x20cm with a thickness of 12,5mm, which faithfully reproduce the glaze, colors, decorations and the thickness of the '60s. Strictly hand-decorated with the ancient technique of decoration, printed by hand. A special paper mask that has the outline of the drawing to be executed, is putting on the tiles, piece by piece, so that the decorator can distribute the color with a brush that leaves the typical streaks of the brushstroke and it blurs the color.

Thirty-three decorations with geometric and naturalistic motifs signed by Gio Ponti for Ceramica Francesco De Maio that represent the emblem of the Made in Italy in the world, preserving the image of the great international designer.

A reproduction of the Blu Ponti tiles so faithful that has recognized to the Ceramica Francesco De Maio the valuable use of the signature of this architect, designer and Italian writer, among the greatest of the twentieth century.

Therefore a continuity between the ceramic tradition of the past, present and future through craftsmanship, territoriality and design of a real Made in Italy. Ceramica Francesco De Maio is world exclusive for 5 continents of Gio Ponti’s decorations. The authorization for the revival of this Designer’s decorations, till nowadays one of the most important on the International scene, was granted to Ceramica Francesco De Maio because it has assured a faithful reproduction and because it is the holder of the Know-how of the ex-Ceramica D'Agostino in Salerno founded in 1823 and taken over by the Ceramica Francesco De Maio in 1990. The great architect and designer Gio Ponti, a proponent of the industrial design and great appreciator of the craftsmanship, between the late '40s and the early '70s, loved coming to Salerno to the ex-Ceramica D'Agostino, today Antiche Fornaci D'Agostino. Here he realized some prestigious collections, inspired by specific shapes and by a certain design content. He studied the renewal of the ceramic language and, emphasizing the local context through colors and geometric and naturalistic lines, created the famous "Blu Ponti" tiles.