h filo



“Tongue that slips, kidnaps, retrains and gobbles. Intense chromatic dissonances, Are born, pull aligned, catch the rays of the sun, Brilliant Fresh roses extend their enchanted eyes, bright blades of grass, multicolored bouquets, explosive fruit, refined gold filaments. Everything slides in the hands, that tenderly, caress and depose what will be cradle and support of multiple steps.”

Stefania Siani

A flurry of emotions, where the lathe gently caresses the clay between the turner’s hands, creating one of the greatest expressions of the ceramic art.
All the passion and the deep love for the job of our capable artists, emerges in the exact moment in which they give life and paint new creations,  shaping and decorating  with their own hands the tiles of Ceramica Francesco De Maio.
While they perform these actions, dense of tradition, the real essence comes on surface, which is the expression of a rich heritage of secular knowledge perfectly in symbiosis with the past and projected towards the future. Every creation is unique, original, a masterpiece.