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“Try ardently to find out to what you are designed to do, and then make it with passion. Try to be always the best of whatever you are”

Martin Luther King

The handicraft wisdom and industrial culture melt together with the sharing of values of the handmade ceramics tradition. Experience, research and high quality of raw materials, make Ceramica Francesco De Maio the symbol of the excellence of the real made in Italy.

Ceramic collections become the ideal solution for cozy and wraparound environments, which are made more precious by a perfect chromatic equilibrium.    The decors of Ceramica Francesco De Maio dress themselves of Byzantine, Arabic, baroque and of the Renaissance  recalls , using handcrafted glazes wisely mixed with particular sands to furnish walls and floors and to resist during the years.

The tiles transform themselves in parts of the furniture through an explosion of compositions. Classical and modern decors reinterpreted in multiple chromatic nuances to obtain a fascinating and intriguing result, which give a different taste to the classical floreal patterns, making them contemporary, perfect for the use in domestic architecture.  The house becomes the kingdom of the maiolica with decorated walls and floors which evoke the charm and the beauty of the ancient tradition of Vietri. And here, in the center of a home environment, the warmth of a totally handmade production shows its versatility and flexibility to be personalized in different projects