«I pursue the dream of a living, versatile, silent house,
that continually suits the versatility of our life, indeed encourages it ...
enriching it with white walls and light furniture;
a variable house, simultaneously full of memories,
of hopes and courageous acceptances,
a house “to live” in luck and even in melancholy,
... and opening the windows to let the sun and the moon and the other stars enter,
and everything is movement, some goes down and others get into the mystery of growth ...; I am turning myself to you I pursue the image of a new human society;
this image is not an unattainable mirage,
and it’s up to us to dream it to achieve it
because nothing is fulfilled that was not dreamed before».

Gio Ponti

Rovere Maiolicato …. When ceramics become design…

Tradition and future in a piece of furniture which honors Gio Ponti, one of the most important Italian designer.
Rovere Maiolicato … when ceramics become design…it is a new project of the Ceramica Francesco De Maio. Chest of drawers, dressers, bedside tables, coffee tables and bathroom furniture made of oak and hand-decorated tiles, represent a precious interpretation of the design of the sixties.
Modular furnishing, versatile, changeable, suitable in every space of the modern way of life.
Handmade objects with a timeless design. Create Your style! Choose your furniture with all the tiles of the collection of the Ceramica Francesco De Maio.

Dimension 200X60X80
Materials Rovere, piastrelle di maiolica
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