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Rovere Maiolicato ...
when ceramics become design...

a new project of the
Ceramica Francesco De Maio

a precious interpretation of the design of the sixties

Tradition and future
in a piece of furniture
which honors Gio Ponti


Rovere Maiolicato... when ceramics become design…...

“Modernity does not consist in the adoption of four square furniture…”

Gio Ponti

Chest of Drawers




Coffe tables


Rovere Maiolicato is a new project of Ceramica di Vietri Francesco De Maio, witness from 1494 of the culture and of the tradition of Vietri ceramics. Rovere Maiolicato is born from the memory of the style and of the “living like Gio Ponti” to realize the “dream of a versatile home”. A ceramic evolution with a particular look to the wonderful sixties and to a creativity entirely made in Italy.

The high quality of the process of working and the eternal charm of the shapes, express themselves in the combination between the most precious handmade Vietri majolica and the essence of the oak wood.
Modular, versatile, changeable, drawers, bedside tables, dressers, coffee tables and bathroom furniture, are suitable in each space of the modern way of living. Objects of furniture completely handmade which have a timeless design to hand down from generation to generation.