h vietri


La sera amorosa ha raccolto le logge per farle salpare...

le case tranquille sognanti la rosa vaghezza dei poggi
discendono al mare in isole, in ville accanto alle chiese

Alfonso Gatto


The loving evening
Collected the lodges
To set them sail,
The quiet houses
Dreaming the rose
Vagueness of the knolls
Descend to the sea
In isles, in villas
Next to the churches.”

Alfonso Gatto

Vietri sul Mare is more than five centuries old and it’s a small fishing village of ceramic tradition, at the entrance of the Amalfi Coast and it’s a World Heritage Site since 1997. Its  proximity with the Repubblica Marinara of Amalfi and the important cultural influence coming from Mare Nostrum helped to embed of precious fragments the great artistic heritage of the Vietrese ceramic production. The huge treasure of Vietri shapes and decors is full of Latin, Byzantine, Arabic, of the Renaissance and Baroque features.

The ceramic art documented in Vietri Sul Mare, a village of the Amalfi Coast that from centuries amazes artists and voyagers, is certified since the end of the ‘400.From the everyday life objects to the domes coated by ceramic tiles, squares, villas and houses completely decorated with ceramics, these landscapes, between breath-taking views and the sea, testify the richness of the cultural heritage of the Vietri ceramics, admired all around the world.